Friday, October 21, 2011

A Slight Delay

Dr. Cantalupo, who is the foremost expert on Poe in America (and maybe the world) active today is writing our introduction.  Unfortunately, a personal tragedy has prevented her from a timely delivery.

Dr. Cantalupo is the editor of the Edgar Allan Poe Review and a remarkable academic who has advanced the study of Poe throughout her career.  Karen and I have decided it would be better to let the anthology release be a week or so delayed than to miss the opportunity to have an introduction from this remarkable scholar.

We hate missing Halloween, but we'd hate putting out anything other than the best possible anthology.  We're still hoping to have everything wrapped up only a week or so late.

Please forgive the delay and if you'd like to send well wishes to Dr. Cantalupo, be so kind as to send them via comment here rather than to overwhelm her personal pages and email.


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