Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Authors J.R. McRae


We'll be letting everyone know a little bit about each of our authors over the coming weeks. First off is J.R. McRae.

J.R.McRae, has short stories published in Basics of Life [Australian Literature Review], Rose and Thorn, Wired Ruby, 100 Stories for Queensland, Stories for Sendai, Tribute to the Stars and more, has won awards for poetry appearing in multiple journals and anthologies (e.g. Long and Winding Road, Square Poets, Recent Queensland Poetry, Quadrant, Antipodes Journal of Australian and American Literature, Social Alternatives, Divan, Gathering Storm, Ripples, Paper Wasp). Her artwork and photography features on covers of Ripples and in Micropress Yates/The Mozzie and ABC Pool.

Under the name J.R. Poulter, she authored 12 books & 4 digital books for children and education in the UK, USA and Australia, including Crichton Award winner, MENDING LUCILLE. Her 13thbook comes out September 2012 with Windy Hollow. She writes articles (WQ Magazine, The Courier Mail, Magpies Journal of Critical Review for Children’s Literature, Queensland Country Life and more) and takes workshops and readings for  ETAQ Conferences, SCWBI International Conference, Brisbane Poetry Festival, Kyeema Arts Festival [Arts Qld Funded], Channel 7 Family Picnic, Opening of BCC Central City Library, Mountains to Mangroves, Book Week and more. A former senior librarian, senior education officer and English Expression tutor to international postgraduates, she also once worked in a circus.  You can visit her site at  

McRae’s selections in The Spirit of Poe include The Mortician’s Art, a poem originally published in Ripples.  Here’s a taste:

The tracery of veins still blue, the skin …
No line or wrinkle, smooth as ice
Is cold – how old were you?
For whom do I apply my art?

Her beautiful and haunting short story, The Crypt, is also a welcome addition to the anthology.  You can expect wonderful prose such as this:

I bought the house next to the  old church and the  mass spread of graveyard that had cared for the city’s dead for generations. It was cheap and frankly, after a lifetime in a noisy city apartment with paper thin walls, I reckoned it would be bliss – way on the outer edge of town, no neighbours, church property one side and  graveyard on two others. It was quiet as, well, a tomb, for the first year. Then the noises, started, not the usual cat spat or stray dogs, not the odd night bird or even the  occasional teen spree in the graveyard. Eerie noises that seemed to come from far away, over the other side maybe.  I put it down to  some cult rituals or other. Didn’t really worry me. I told myself I wasn’t superstitious.

The anthology is filled with wonderful work by wonderful writers, and J.R. McRae is one of many.  Do yourself and the Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum a favor and pick up a copy.  You can pre-order now for delivery in early November.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful intro Jeremiah! Folk please note the very glam sketch of me is courtesy of awe-inspiring Spanish illustrator/artist Angel Dominguez.